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i got to change my ways, before my ways change me [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Sep 2008|06:32pm]
the economy scares me.
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[16 Sep 2008|10:00pm]
I just submitted my Teach for America form!!!

Cross your fingers for me! I want this so bad!
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[03 Aug 2008|10:55pm]
I'm listening to Fergie, Kanye West, and Chris Martin sing pop songs, and browsing Foley + Corinna bags online.
I wish this was what life was all about all the time.
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[02 Apr 2008|11:34pm]
this is my life right now:

ebay, online shopping, water in wine glasses, writing papers, finishing projects, as if there is no tomorrow.

i'm ready for summer.
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[08 Feb 2008|03:53am]
i am up so early, i can hear the foghorns.
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[21 Oct 2007|12:27pm]
i am going back to san francisco and home soon. i can't wait. i am SO homesick it is ridiculous.
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[11 Sep 2007|02:09pm]
i wish i was 25 and done with school.

my health is in the shits. Vishal found other roommates, so we're back at looking for places again. I just want this entire semester to be over. I'm looking forward to September ending.
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[25 Aug 2007|07:01pm]
I had an interview with Fox news yesterday. It went all right. I hear back Monday.
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[12 Jun 2007|01:04pm]
my boyfriend is the best person in the world because during the hour he has off between school and work, he picked me up 5 dvds and hot tofu soup from our favorite korean resturant. i'm bed bound because I think I have strep.
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[15 Apr 2007|01:03pm]
i got a big white envelope from Harvard yesterday.
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[09 Jan 2007|11:52pm]
does anyone know where i can get a good deal on a mattress plus delivery?

ideally, i want a bed, desk, and mattress from ikea but there delivery rates are out of hand. I don't know any other way of getting a full size mattress plus huge bed over the bay bridge without a car.
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[02 Jan 2007|12:11pm]

whatever you're feeling, if you watch this you'll forget about life for a bit.
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[20 Nov 2006|11:28pm]
i'm eating chinese food and watching wicker park alone in my room. i can already tell you right now how china will be like.
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[06 Nov 2006|10:24pm]
sometimes he just pisses me off so much.
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[04 Sep 2006|01:39pm]
how cliche to say the only thing i have so far regretted in my life is deciding not to move to new york city. i'm going to move to williamsburg/the west village. its planned.

pictures soon.
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[29 Aug 2006|10:38pm]
1. new york in 2 days. mals and nik. woot.
2. spent the entire day going around sf to find the lindsay jacket by marc jacobs
3. apple airport wireless is the shit.
4. long distance relationships blow.
5. i need to work. i need money. my clothes are kinda revolting. i'm ready for a new wardrobe. the shorts i collected at AA don't really do anything for me in this 2 degree weather.
6.my dad is kinda amazing.
7. tattoos look painful.
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[10 Aug 2006|09:11pm]

seriously guys. seriously.
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[31 Jul 2006|11:31pm]
my mom's friend just got killed by a drunk driver who hit him and ran. he didn't have any id on him, so no one could identify him for five days. his wife kept looking for him, but she thought he ran away with another woman. however, today she decided to check the morgues. low and behold her husband is there dead. dudes, i'm so serious-don't drink and drive-don't be impaired by anything and drive-not with my family and friends on the road. if you get drunk and hit a pole and kill yourself-so be it your life wasn't worth that much anyway; it's just all the other innocent people who have to die for your mistakes. this man is leaving behind three kids and his wife. it's fucked up, and it's not fair.
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[11 Jul 2006|12:33am]
it is now my birthday
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[03 Jul 2006|03:26pm]
my mom was supposed to pay my credit card bill and only put in 50 dollars, but she accidentally pressed 450 on the phone instead.

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